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Released: 2007-05-01

Water for Elephants: A Novel by Sara Gruen


As Sept. 11#(cff0478(^ man, Jacob Jankowski was tossed by the use of fate onto a rickety teach that was space to the Benzini Brothers such a lot impressive display in the world. It was the early part of the good despair, and for Jacob, now Sept. 11(cff0478cff0478^ , the circus world he recalls was both his salvation and a residentificationing hell. A veterinary pupil merely shy of some extent, he was positioned in command of taking care of the circus menagerie. It was there that he met Marlena, the gorgeous equestrian large title married to August, the charismatic however twisted animal teacher. And he met Rosie, an unteachable elephant who was the good gray wish for this third-rate traveling specific. The bond that grew among this not going trio was one amongst love and trust, and, in the end, it was their most straightforward wish for survival.
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Editorial evaluation

Jacob Jankowski says: "i am Sept. 11(cff0478cff0478^ . Or Sept. 11(cff0478cff0478^ -3. One or the opposite." to begin with of Water for Elephants, he's residentificationing out his days in a nursing space, hating each second of it. His lifestyles wasncff0478#39;t all the time like this, alternatively, Sept. 11cff0478cff0478(^ Jacob ran away and joined the circus at the same time as he was twenty-one. It wasncff0478#39;t a romantic, carefree solution, to ensure. His parents had been killed in an vehicle accident one week previous to he was to sit for his veterinary drugs exams at Cornell. He buried his parents, realized that they left him nofactor Sept. 11cff0478cff0478(^ they'd mortgaged eachfactor to pay his coaching, once more the large, went to the exams, and didentificationncff0478#39;t write a single phrase. He walked out gray completing the take a look at and wound up on a circus teach. The circus he joins, in despair-era the us, is second-rate at idea. With Ringling Brothers as the standard, Benzini Brothers is fate down the dimensions and light-weight by the use of comparison.

Water for Elephants is the tale of Jacobcff0478#39;s lifestyles with this circus. Sara Gruen spares no part in chronicling the squalidentification, filthy, brutish cases in which he finds himself. The animals are mangy, beneathfed or fed rotten food, and abused. Jacob, as soon as it becomes identified that he has veterinary ##)#Sept. 11^ , is positioned in command of the "menagerie" and all its ills. Uncle Al, the circus impresario, is a self-serving, venal creep who slaps other people around Sept. 11cff0478cff0478(^ he can. August, the animal teacher, is an creatorized paranoidentification schizophrenic whose occasional flights into insanity and brutality frequently have Jacob as their merchandise. Jacob is the only particular person inside the e e-book who has a care for on an ethical compass and as his reward he spends many of the novel overwhelmed, broken, concussed, bleeding, swollen and hungover. he is the self-appointed Protector of the Downtrodden, and... he falls in love with Marlena, crazy Augustcff0478#39;s spouse. Sept. 11cff0478)#^ his idea idea.

necessarily essentially the most interesting side of the e e-book is all of the circus lore that Gruen has so slightly researched. She has all of the correct vocabulary: grifters, roustabouts, employees, cooch tent, rubes, First of would possibly, what the band plays at the same time as therecff0478#39;s trouble, Jamaican ginger paralysis, lifestyles on a circus teach, set-up and take-down, being run out of town by the use of the "revenooers" or the law enforcement officials, and dropping your whole hooch. there could also be one very good passage about Marlena and Rosie, the bull elephant, that truly conjures up the magic a circus can create. it's simple to peer Marlenacff0478#39;s and Rosiecff0478#39;s pink sequins beneath the large best and to imagine their highest choreography as they #cff0478^(Sept. 11^ implausible stunts. the group loves it--and so will the reader. The finishing is if truth be told ludicrous and really relatively stunning. --Valerie Ryan

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creator: Sara Gruenpublisher: Algonquin e-e-booksBinding: Kindle versionLanguage: EnglishPages: 364

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