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The works of neurologist Oliver Sacks have a novel position inside the swarm of feelings-mind studies. He has automobileried out up to any person to make nonspecialists conscious about how so much vary will get lumped beneath the heading of "the huguy feelings."

The stories in An Anthropologist on Mars are guy case studies no longer by contrast to the classic stories of Berton Roueché in The medical Detectives. Sackscff0478#three9;s stories are of "otherwise minded" other folks, and they've the intrinsic huguy passion that spurred his data Awakenings to be re-created as a Robin Williams film.

The identify story in Anthropologist is that of autistic Temple Grandin, whose personal data wondering in pictures provides her version of how she feels--as by contrast to other folks as a cow or a Martian. the opposite feelingss Sacks describes are in a similar way remarkable: a general practitioner with Tourettecff0478#three9;s syndrome, a painter who loses colour imaginative and prescient, a blind guy given the ambiguous provide of sight, artists with reminiscences that weigh down "exact existence," the autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire, and an individual with memory harm for whom it is all the time 1968.

Oliver Sacks is the Carl Sagan or Stephen Jay Gould of his field; his datas are exact classics of guy writing, of the breadth of huguy mentality, and of the interior lives of the disabled. --Mary Ellen Curtin

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Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (62 votes)

Released: 1995-02-07

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An Anthropologist On Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales by Oliver Sacks


particular and attractive footage of 7 neurological sufferers, together with a general practitioner ate up right through the compulsive tics of Tourettecff0478#three9;s syndrome with the exception of he is operating; an artist who loses all enjoy of colour in a automobile twist of fate, on the other hand unearths a brand spanking new sensibility and artistic energy in black and white; and an autistic professor who can not decipher the simplest social trade among other folks, on the other hand has constructed a automobileeer out of her intuitive working out of animal behavior.

"among clinical docs who write with acuity and beauty, Sacks ( the person who Mistook His spouse for a Hat) takes a better position with each successive data.... enlarges our view of the nature of huguy enjoy." --publishercff0478#three9;s Weekly

"... Dr. Sackscff0478#three9;s easiest data thus far." --the up to date York Time e-e book evaluation

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