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Released: 2007-12-10

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Eat This, Not That! Thousands of Simple Food Swaps that Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds–or More! by David Zinczenko


consume what you need, at the same time as you need--and watch the kilos disappear!

americans spend greater than $400 billion a 12 months eating out, and in the back of every burger, turkey sandwich, and ice cream sundae is a simple resolution that might assist you to keep an eye on your weight--and your life. the issue is, eating place chains and meals manufacturers arencff0478#39;t thinking about serving to you're making wholesome alternatives. actually, they invest $30 billion a 12 months on advertising, a lot of it geared toward sophisticated consumeers and disguising the fats and calorie counts of their merchandise.

All of that has changed with EAT THIS, now not THAT!. This guide places the entire meals business beneath the highlight, and fingers you with the savvy strategies and insider information it takes to consume well no matter where you are. With EAT THIS, now not THAT! youcff0478#39;re the a professional in every eating state of affairs, from the frozen meals aisle to your favourite fast meals joint to your native sports activities activities bar. You keep an eye on your meals universe--and lose the kilos you need--because, against this to every different customer, youcff0478#39;ll acknowledge the great alternatives to make--immediately!

EAT THIS, now not THAT! is jam-%ed with secrets and techniques and methods the eating place business doesncff0478#39;t need you to snatch. for example: * Burger King doesncff0478#39;t need you to snatch that a BK huge Fish® Sandwich and fries have a whopping 1000 power--on the subject of part your daily caloric consumption! (Fish is frequently wholesome, on the other hand not this sort. to find out why with this guide.) * Pizza Hut doesncff0478#39;t need you to snatch that an unusual pizza in Italy incorporates 500 to 800 power, on the other hand the an identical meal at Pizza Hut can best 2,100 power! (Youcff0478#39;d want to journey a desk certain motorbike for greater than three hours to burn off this error. as a substitute, consume the entire pizza you need via making good alternatives. EAT THIS, now not THAT! displays you tactics.) * Macaroni Grill doesncff0478#39;t need you to snatch that a unmarried serving of their Grilled Teriyaki Salmon has greater than 3 times your daily allowance of sodium! (reduce your chance of meals via making good alternatives at the comparable eating place. Youcff0478#39;ll find them inside.)

If absolute best you knew the business secrets and techniques and methods, that you will have to consume at any of your favourite eating places--or chow down on everyfactor from the corporate advertising device to your kidentityscff0478#39; Halloween buckets--and acknowledge that every resolution you made was good, wholesome, and the most productive imaginable variety for you. for example, did you know: * At McDonaldcff0478#39;s, an Egg McMuffin® is in truth a wholesome variety, with merely three hundred power. (The Hotcakes % greater than double that amount!) * At Krispy Kreme, all you want to do is order the Very Berry Chiller as a substitute of the Mocha Dream Chiller, and youcff0478#39;ll store 500 power! (do that once every week and youcff0478#39;ll drop greater than 7 kilos this 12 months--without attempting!) * At Chipotle, you'll be able to cut back 570 power alternatives chicken Burrito simply by ordering it as a bowl (without the tortilla) and asking them to carry the rice. (similar great taste, on the other hand with ninety four fewer carb grams!) * choosing a cinnamon roll at Au Bon ache over Cinnabon will prevent 463 power and 20 grams of fats! * throughout the freezer element of your native grocery store, a turkey pot pie from Swansoncff0478#39;s has 610 fewer power than a turkey pot pie from Pepperidentityge Ffingers. * throughout the produce aisle, youcff0478#39;ll get times the nutrition C--and nine times as so much nutrition A--just by picking purple bell peppers over green ones. (Who stated maintaining a healthy diet was tricky?)

And thatcff0478#39;s why EAT THIS, now not THAT! is going to modify everyfactor. Itcff0478#39;s time to degree the enjoying box. Wecff0478#39;re all bored stiff in sneaky power together with to our waistlines, and having to starve ourselves or spend hours at the treadmill looking to burn off the damage. Now--for the primary time--youcff0478#39;re in charge. With this simple illustrated guide to tons of foods--together with the nutrients secrets and techniques and methods that lead to fast and everlasting weight reduction--youcff0478#39;ll make the neatest variety every time!

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writer: Davidentity Zinczenkocreator: Rodale guidesBinding: PaperbackLanguage: EnglishPages: 304

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