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The 200three American invasion of Iraq used to be contentious, now not just in the arena of global public opinion, however inside the tight-lipped global of the George W. Bush White house. As Bob woodward unearths in Plan of Attack, Vice-Presidentificationent Dick Cheney and security Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were part of a group prime the fee to war at the same time as Secretary of State Colin Powell, general Tommy Franks, and others actively questioned the plan to invade a rustic that had now nothing to do with the 9/eleven assaults at the same time as war in Afghanistan used to be nonetheless being waged. woodward gained intensive get right of entry to to dozens of key figures and experienceed hours of direct touch with the Presidentificationent himself (time beyond regulation, reputedly, than former Bush administration officers Richard Clarke and Paul Ocff0478#three9;Neill claim to have had). as a result, hecff0478#three9;s in a position to cite the type of gossip you woncff0478#three9;t to find in a White house press free up: Franks calls Pentagon original Douglas Feith "the f*cking stupidentificationest man on the face of the earth," Powell stocks his alarm over how the wary Cheney of the main Bush administration had revamped right right into a zealot, and Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar turns out to experience significantly additional entrée and affect than so much someone may have concept. Bush is proven as a person reason on toppling Saddam Hussein in the speedy aftermath of 9/eleven and not actually wavering in his selection regardless of offering tricks that non-army answers could be completed. delicate is also shed on CIA director George tenet, who insists that the evidence that Saddam had guns of mass destruction used to be "a slam dunk" evidence to later admit that his intelligence used to be flawed whilst months of put up-war searches turned up now nothing. but the e guidecff0478#three9;s so much were persona is Powell. A former soldier himself, who to finds himself tenet at odds with the schedule of the administration, Powell rejects evidence on WMDs that he sees as spurious however in the long run endorses the invasion attempt, it appears out of accountability. Upon its newsletter, the Bush administration roundly denied the quite a lot of debts in the e guide that validated struggle inside their circles, terrible judgment, or lousy making plans, but the Bush/Cheney reelection marketing campaign on the other hand listed Plan of Attack as actually helpful studying. And it's. It shows alarming problems in one of the simplest ways the war used to be conceived and defree up, however it for sure also demonstrates the super conviction and determination of the individuals who determined to carry it out. --John Moe

Plan of Attack

Plan of Attack
Bob Woodward

April 1st, 2004

Literature & Fiction

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 (254 votes)

Released: 2004-04

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Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward


Bob woodwardcff0478#three9;s e guide on Presidentificationent Bush and the Iraq war to cite definitive account of the turning element in historical past as Bush, his war council and allies launched a pre-emptive assault, toppling Saddam Hussein and taking on the usa. From in-intensity interviews with key players and now notes from nationwidentificatione safety conferences, woodward provides an absolutely authentic, authoritative narrative of the at the back of-the-scenes manoeuvring, examining the reasons and consequences of the most arguable war on the grounds that Vietnam. What emerges is an astonishingly intimate portrait of Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, the generals, the CIA and key global leaders starting from Tony Blair to Vladimir Putin. that is the how and why of selection-making - the secret conferences, safe telephone calls, methods, dilemmas and raw feelings of war as it's hardly observed in latest historical past.
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author: Bob woodwardauthor: Simon cff0478 SchusterBinding: HardcoverLanguage: EnglishPages: 467

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