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The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by Thomas L. Friedman


whilst scholars write the historical past of the arena twenty years from now, they usually come to the bankruptcy "Y2K to March 2004," what's going to they say was probably the most the most important building? The attacks on the world industry middle on nine/eleven and the Iraq struggle? Or the convergence of technology and occasions that allowed India, China, and such a lot of different international locations to become a part of the worldwide provide chain for services and products and manufacturing, creating an explosion of wealth in the center magnificencees of the arenacff0478#threenine;s massivegest nations, giving them a huge new stake in the luck of worldization? And with this "knocking down" of the globe, which requires us to run faster so as to keep in place, has the arena gotten too small and too fast for humans and their political techniques to adjust in a stable approach?

in this good new book, the astruggled-successful new york occasions columnist Thomas Friedman demystifies the courageous new world for readers, allowing them to make feel of the ceaselessly bewildering world scene unfolding ahead of their eyes. together with his inimitable skill to translate complex foreign coverage and financial issues, Friedman explains how the knocking down of the arena took place on the break of day of the twenty-first century; what it way to international locations, companies, groups, and people; and the way governments and societies can, and will have to, adapt. the world Is Flat is the well timed and very important replace on worldization, its luckes and discontents, powerfully illuminated by way of considered one of our such a lot revered reporters.
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Editorial assessment

Thomas L. Friedman isn't such a lot a futurist, which he is also known as, as a presentist. His intention, in his new book, the world Is Flat, as in his in advance, influential Lexus and the Olive Tree, isn't to give you a speculative preview of the wonders which are sure to come back in your lifetime, but slightly to get you stuck up on the wonders which are already here. The world isncff0478#threenine;t going to be flat, it is flat, which provides Friedmancff0478#threenine;s breathless narrative much of its urgency, and which additionally saves it from the Epcot-style polyester sheen that futurists--the optimistic ones a minimum of--are necessarily prey to.

What Friedman way by way of "flat" is "hooked up": the lowering of change and political obstacles and the exponential technical advances of the digital revolution have made it imaginable to do business, or alsuch a lot anything else, instantly with billions of folks around the planet. This in itself will have to not be information to somebody. however the information that Friedman has to deliver is that just after we smost sensibleped taking note of those buildings--when the dot-com bust turned pastime clear of the business and technology pages and when nine/eleven and the Iraq War turned all eyes towards the center East--is when they in truth began to accelerate. globalization three.0, as he calls it, is pushed not by way of prime corporations or massive change businesses like the world bank, but by way of people: deskmost sensible freelancers and innovative startups all over the arena (but particularly in India and China) who can compete--and win--not just for low-salary manufacturing and data exertions but, increasingly, for the best-end analysis and design paintings as neatly. (He doesncff0478#threenine;t disregard the "mutant provide chains" like Al-Qaeda that permit the small act massive in more destructive ways.) Friedman tells his eye-opening tale with the catchy slogans and globe-hopping anecdotes that readers of his in advance books and his new york occasions columns will recognize neatly, and likewise with a stern form of optimism. He needs to inform you how exciting this new world is, but he additionally needs you to grasp youcff0478#threenine;re going to be trampled when you doncff0478#threenine;t stay alongside of it. His book is a wonderful place to begin. --Tom Nissley

Where were You whilst the world Went Flat?

Thomas L. Friedmancff0478#threenine;s reportercff0478#threenine;s interest and his skill to recognize the styles behind probably the most complex world buildings have made him one of the pleasing and writeritative resources for information about the broader world we are living in, both because the foreign affairs columnist for the new york occasions and because the writer of landmark books like From Beirut to Jerusalem and The Lexus and the Olive Tree. in addition they make him an ceaselessly interesting dialog spouse, and wecff0478#threenine;d thankfully have peppered him with questions on the world Is Flat for hours. read our interview to learn why therecff0478#threenine;s alsuch a lot nobody from Washington, D.C., listed in the index of a book in regards to the world economy, and what his one-plank platform for president would be. (trace: his bumper stickers may say, "are you able to hear Me Now?")

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