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Released: 2012-03-02

The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book 3 by Elizabeth Hunter


How some distance could you move to protect the ones you're keen on?

What could you sacrifice to kill the one you hate?

join Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo as they commute to a hidentificationden island at the some distance fringe of China and are seeking the assistance of an historic immortal courtroom. Can they weave their approach throughout the tangled internet of centuries-old alliances and ruthless feuds to find what theycff0478#39;ve been searching for? buddies might be found out, enemies will in finding them, and a perilous secret will come to light.

The drive of Wind is the third guide within the 4-section Elemental Mysteries series. it is a paranormal mystery/romance for adult readers.
~~~From The drive of Wind...
"who are the lion and the dramoven?"

He pulled again. "What?"

"Elder He, the opposite fireplace vampire?"


"She mentioned, cff0478#39;Who is this human whocff0478#39;s secure through the lion and the dramoven?cff0478#39; used to be she speaking about you and Baojia?"

Giovanni chuckled. "sure, shecff0478#39;s fairly dramatic, isncff0478#39;t she? She at all times has been."

"So, are you the dramoven?" Beatrice teased, pulling behind his shirt as she walked againward towards the silk-lined mattress past the arched doorapproach. "The dramoven that breathes fireplace?"

He bent down and hitched up her legs round his waist, sporting her towards the mattress and laying her at the crimson pillows. "Wecff0478#39;re in China; the dramoven is a water image here."

"Oh?" she requested as his heat fingers stroked along her waist. "So youcff0478#39;re the lion? Why are you the

"Icff0478#39;m from the West, and the lion is a logo of the solar," he mentioned as he laidentification gentle kisses along her
collar. "The solar is the mummy of fireplace."

"however..." She sighed as she felt the quick lick of amnis wherever his lips touched. Her heart started to race. "That seems kind of merciless. You cancff0478#39;t move out within the solar."

He simplest smiled, and he or she may just see the duration of his fangs sparkling within the low light of the candles that lit the room.

"Tesoro mio, the lion is also a image of the solar..." He bent down, lifted her frame towards his, and gave one lengthy, slow lick from her collarbone to her ear. "however he hunts at night."
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