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Released: 2001-04-10

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The Atlas of Middle-Earth (Revised Edition) by Karen Wynn Fonstad


Karen Wynn Fonstadcff0478#three9;s THE ATLAS OF heart-EARTH is an very important quantity in an effort to enchant all Tolkien enthusiasts. that is the definitive guide to the geography of Midentitydle-earth, from its founding in the Elder Days through the #@@)third Age, in conjunction with the trips of Bilbo, Frodo, and the Fellowship of performed. distinctive and #)(cff0478third -- #cff0478cff04781/2^ one third@(cff0478)cff0478^ of the maps are new, and the text is actually revised -- the atlas illuminates the enchanted ##third)#@^ created #third^@(third SILMARILLION, THE HOBBIT, and THE LORD OF THE rings.
lots of two-color maps and diagrams survey the trips of the most characters ##)cff0478cff0478cff0478third -- in conjunction with #cff0478third^@^ combats and key locations of the main, 2d, and #@@)third ages. Plans and descriptions of castles, buildings, and #(^cff0478(third landforms are given, in conjunction with thematic maps describing the local weather, plants, languages, and inhabitants distri #@third)@)^ ion of Midentitydle-earth throughout its history. an extensive appendix and an index lend a hand readers correlate the maps with Tolkiencff0478#three9;s novels.
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Editorial evaluation

The publishing ##third)#@^ #@third##@^ Tolkien by-product merchandise, ##@third trivial and ephemeral-- #@third)@)^ ##@third , like this completely researched atlas, are in truth third#)#(^ y. Karen Wynn Fonstad is a professional geographer and cartographer who first mapped Midentitydle-Earth in 1981 and has given that presented a lot new element in keeping with the ones endless quantitys of drafts, abanperformedd passages, alternative variations, and laundry lists discovered given that Tolkiencff0478#three9;s dying. She fills in gaps and main points in the acquainted #@@)third Age maps from The Hobbit and The Lord of performeds, goes again in time to map Midentitydle-Earthcff0478#three9;s First and 2d ages, and reconstructs the path and timescale of each and every necessary adventure in the tales. There are native maps of key puts third@)#@^ Mines of Moria, Lothlorien, Isengard, Minas Tirth, the Tower of Cirith Ungol, and the volcanic Mount Doom. combat maps cover the sagacff0478#three9;s exceptional combats, as much as the hopeless closing stand at Mordor gate and the tiny later skirmish recognized in Shire records because the combat of Bywater. Thematic maps display Midentitydle-Earthcff0478#three9;s distri #@third)@)^ ion of local weather, geological choices, plants, folks, and (so much necessaryly to Tolkien) languages.... Itcff0478#three9;s all performed in reality significantly and could make a great praise for enthusiastic Tolkien enthusiasts, third#)#(^ that theycff0478#three9;ll have purchased it already. --Davidentity Langford, kingdom

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creator: Karen Wynn Fonstadcreator: Mariner e booksBinding: PaperagainLanguage: EnglishPages: 224

thirdcff0478((cff0478@^ e books

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